How To Buy Jewellery Gifts

... our curated jewellery collections are themed by style, mood and personality...

How To Buy Jewellery Gifts And Which of the Collections will best suit her sense of style?

What makes the expressions Des Bijoux approach different is that these gorgeous pieces have been careful selected and curated into Collections that are themed by style, mood and that special something which is best described as how they move a woman.

Choosing by look

If you’ve noticed the style of jewellery she wears, ornate or simple, big and weighty or delicate and discreet, then simply decide by looking at the glorious colour photographs that reveal both the quality and detail of the jewellery.

For example, for striking, bold, heavy designs that make more of a statement then our Byzantium Collection could well be the answer.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to complement a more understated sense of style, and want something more youthful, the Del Lago Collection will spoil you for choice.

Each Collection has its own distinct look and feel and one or more of the Collections are sure to be right for different senses of style and mood.

Simply let your eyes wander over the different Collections, their beautiful and stylish suggestions will suggest themselves to you.

Choosing by mood

The constantly updated EdesB collection features limited editions of exclusively selected artisan jewellery. Each piece takes its inspiration from the artistic heritages of Europe. The Palazzo Collection, meanwhile features motifs that recall the Ottoman traditions. These striking pieces fuse Western and Eastern inspirations for irresistible designs.

For bold, exotic jewellery that takes its inspiration from ancient Greece and features unusual materials including snakeskin, stingray and mosaic stone designs, the Byzantine Collection evokes all the exotic intrigue and mystery of its fabled namesake.

From Italy comes the Del Lago Collection. Combining quality and elegance with a little fantasy, these glamorous designs will look stunning whether you’re wearing them for that special weekend away or a romantic dinner for two. For bright, colourful designs that will light up any event, see the Riviera collection. Featuring amethyst, rose gold, quartz and onyx, these pieces emanate glamour, charm and joy.

Carnevale is a collection of highly individual necklaces centred around Murano glass. A delicately decorated glass globe is flanked by braided strands of tiny coloured glass beads, secured with gold links and hammered silver balls.

Capturing the energy and serenity of the sea, the Oceania Collection features pearls. Sterling silver and inlays that hint at the colours found at sea. In shapes that reflect nature – starfish, shells, and fish – this playful collection is both youthful and beautiful.

Or, if you need a classic piece to complement a favourite evening dress, the Classique Collection is ideal. The finest gemstones are captured in sterling silver and gold vermeil, set in a variety of timeless and fascinating shapes. Elegant and subtle, this collection is for women who want something a little sophisticated.

When you tour the Expressions Des Bijoux gallery, you’ll discover jewellery every bit as unique and special as that stumbled-upon prize

Each and every gift of jewellery should be an “inspired” choice, so to help you find the right inspiration we’ve described each Collection in terms of its mood and style, echoing a woman’s sense of self.

Choosing By Special occasions

Nothing celebrates an important occasion, or makes it more extra special, than precious jewellery, especially when the jewels are fashioned by European artisan designers and set in hand-crafted designs of fine gold and silver.

...nothing does it better than a gift of jewellery in memory of something special ...


Since time immemorial birthdays have always been associated with gemstones. When you give her the gift of fine jewellery to celebrate the day she was born she will remember the moment forever. Presented in our signature black gift box, embossed with our elegant gold logo, it will reveal feelings in ways that words can never express.

And never more so than when she opens the beautiful little box to reveal jewellery displaying her birthstones.

Wedding Anniversaries

Nothing calls for beautiful jewellery like a wedding anniversary as a symbol of fidelity and undying love. Every anniversary year has its own gemstone (see below). Alternatively any item of diamond jewellery, which symbolises undying love, is always the perfect choice. So too is the gift of an eternity ring.

Birth of a baby

The birth of a baby is the most important moment in any couple’s life and is traditionally celebrated with an eternity ring, symbolising that life together will now be as a family. Other gifts of jewellery to celebrate this happiest of events include pendants and necklaces.


Nothing says, “I’m so proud of you” like the gift of jewellery. A special achievement calls for something extra special and there is so much in our range of individual Collections that will celebrate a true sense of achievement.


Celebrations come in all shapes and sizes. It can be something small and romantic like the day you move in together, or more important like landing that new job. However you choose to remember all the little milestones that make life so worthwhile, nothing does it better than a gift of a piece of jewellery in memory of something special that can only be shared by two people.


Graduation with a degree or diploma isn’t just about the last few years spent at college or university, it’s the culmination of years of study, so doesn’t the day deserve to be commemorated with something out of the ordinary. After all, graduating is an “extra-ordinary” achievement.


A friendship gift is one of the most important pieces of jewellery you will ever buy, and she will ever wear. No other piece of jewellery is infused with so much idealistic meaning and promise.


Nothing is more romantic than an engagement. Even if he doesn’t get down on one knee, it will still be the single moment in her life that every woman knows she will remember every detail of forever, especially if he pops the question out of the blue. And every time she looks at her engagement ring, all those feelings of love and excitement will come flooding back. So if you want to make sure she says “Yes” make it Expressions-des-Bijoux.


A wedding ring is the most precious item of jewellery a woman will ever own. At Expressions-des-Bijoux we never forget that a wedding ring says so much about both the giver and receiver, and what they mean to each other. More than this, we know that wedding rings stay in families for generations and are bequeathed from mother to daughter to grand-daughter. All of our wedding rings have been selected not only for the purity of the stones and the beauty of the designs, but also for the timeless quality of the craftsmanship that ensures they will become family heirlooms for generations to come.

New Mother

Many proud fathers are moved to celebrate the birth of a new baby with a gift of precious jewellery for the mother. It celebrates his love for her and will remind you both of a new son or daughter forever.

Expression of Thanks

When it deserves a special thank you, nothing says it with more depth of feeling than beautiful jewellery. Whether it’s something small or a grander gesture, the gift of jewellery expresses gratitude perfectly.

Just because

If there’s one thing a woman loves more than jewellery, it’s spontaneity. So imagine how her eyes will light up when the two go hand in hand and you present her with a beautiful piece of hand crafted jewellery just because you care, or want to show you love her, or know it will make her happy.

Important times of the year


Christmas is a special time for giving, but sometimes the problem is knowing what to give! How to make a gift stand out at Christmas as being extra special? Nothing compares to a gift of beautiful jewellery, and never more so than at the one time of the year that symbolises peace and love.

Expressions-des-Bijoux can solve the problem at a click. We can make it a very happy Christmas, and one she’ll never forget, with the gift of fine jewellery. Her eyes might just light up like a Christmas tree.

New Year

New Year is s very spiritual and emotional time. As one year passes we reflect on all that was good in the last 12 months, and look forward to the next with excitement and perhaps at times a little apprehension.

A gift of jewellery at this time shows that you are perfectly in tune with a woman’s reflective mood.


What better way to lift her spirits and literally put some sparkle in her life than dazzling diamond jewellery or a radiant semi-precious gemstone set in one of our beautiful hand-crafted designs.

Mother’s Day

Having a baby is a wonderful event, and nothing compares to bringing new life into the world. At Expressions-des-Bijoux we have many beautiful and bewitching ways to say thank you to her for giving you the most precious gift of all.

Saint Valentine’s Day

Most men give the woman in their lives flowers on St Valentine’s Day, or perfume or perhaps expensive chocolates. But if she is truly special then nothing says “I love you” more romantically than the gift of Expressions-des-Bijoux jewellery.

Choosing By Personal Styles

Casual wear

Jewellery can be worn with a sense of abandon just as much as with a sense of style. When a woman is feeling light and car-free she can still want to feel the energising texture of wearing semi-precious and precious stones to heighten her mood. Many of the items of jewellery in our Collections reflect this effervescent mood with bright colours and playful designs.

Formal wear

Every woman wants to look her best at a formal occasion, when she knows all eyes will be glued on her. Just as important she wants to feel her best too, and nothing gives a woman the inner glow of self-confidence more than to be wearing a stunning outfit which is accessorised by fine jewellery. The designs in our Collections have been carefully selected to work with any label, and any look.

Business wear

For today’s woman, fashion has just as much a place in the office or boardroom as it does on the catwalk. Nothing gives a professional woman that inners sense of strength and confidence to make it in a man’s world than wearing quality jewellery.

Holiday wear

Every woman dreams of escaping from the everyday, and the more exotic the destination the better. It also creates a perfect excuse to shop for a new holiday wardrobe. So why not surprise her with a gift of jewellery to go with her new fashion choices. We’ve selected designs that add a touch of charm and sparkle to any holiday look.

Bridal wear

It’s the most special day of any woman’s life when everything has to work perfectly, so why leave anything to chance. There is nothing like a diamond, set in gold or silver, and handcrafted by one of our renowned designers, to seal the moment when you both say “I do”.

At Expressions-des-Bijoux we also have precious jewels that she will treasure forever, and which will ensure that your future life together will always be "for richer" and never "for poorer".