Select A Right Size Designer Necklace Effects Our Overall Style

…length of our designer necklaces impact our overall styles and can enhance our outfits and accentuate the beautiful parts…

Select A Right Size Designer Necklace Effects Our Overall Style

This is a question for both designers and consumers. As a designer, the length of a necklace determines where it will lie on the chest, hence effecting how we design a necklace and what kind of materials we use. As a consumer, length of our designer necklaces impact our overall styles and can enhance our outfits. You can also use accessories to hide imperfections and accentuate the beautiful parts. So choose wisely! Accessories can make or break our outfits.

10-12 inches (20-30cms)– Collar:

This type of necklace lies very close to the middle of your neck; like Byzantium Phrenite Collar. For an elegant and classy look, wear it with V-neck, boat-neck or off-the-shoulder outfits. Occasionally you might be able to wear it with turtle-necks too. One reminder, however, if you have round face shape or short neck, this is not the best length for you.

14 to 16 inches (30-40cms) – Choker:

This is probably one of the most versatile and commonly worn lengths, it sits high above the collarbone and wraps around the neck. It can go with any outfit from casual to fancy. An everyday style could be as simple as a Classique Silvertuft Necklace, or you can also wear something more fancy, like Byzantium Trio Necklace, that makes a statement wherever you go. Choker is my personal favourite because it really flatters my neck line. If you are thinking about buying someone a gift, or if you’re simply torn between different necklace lengths, 16″ is the way to go because you can never go wrong with it.

18 inches (40-50cms) – Princess:

This is another popular necklace length, it rests on the collarbone and great for high and low plunging necklines, like Classique Sungold Necklace,. This length is great for a pendant. Depending on what you wear, a 18″ Princess could be a good choice. If you think about seasonality, this is a good choice because you can wear it at any season and add an elegant touch to your outfit.

20 to 24 inches (50-60ccms)– Matinee:

Both 20″ and 24″ necklaces are called Matinee, it rests near the cleavage . These necklaces sit right above your chest and are elegant for casual and business dressing, like Classique Loop Necklace.

30 inches (60-80 cms)– Opera:

This is the most flexible necklace length out of all lengths, it falls on or below the bust level. You can wear it as a single strand, or you can double it up to create a layering effect, like Del Lago Citrine Necklace . A lot of office ladies like this necklace length because they can wear it differently during and after work. It’s also one of my personal favourite!

36 inches (over 80 cms)– Rope:

The super long 36″ Rope also gives you the same flexibility as the 30″ Opera, it falls on or below the bust level . You can wear it as a single layer, double or even triple, like Del Lago Silver Necklace!