Birthday Jewellery Gifts And Gemstones

...birthday jewellery gifts have always been associated with gemstones...

Birthday Jewellery Gifts Have Always Been Associated With Gemstones.

Since time immemorial birthdays have always been associated with gemstones. When you give her the gift of fine jewellery to celebrate the day she was born she will remember the moment forever. Presented in our signature black gift box, embossed with our elegant gold logo, it will reveal feelings in ways that words can never express.

And never more so than when she opens the beautiful little box to reveal jewellery displaying her birthstones.

January- Garnet

Garnet is known as the “Passion Stone” and garnets inspire love, sensuality and intimacy. Garnet is one of the most romantic of gemstones and you will see the fire leap in her eyes when she sees for the first time an exquisite item of fine jewellery, set in finely wrought gold or silver, displaying the rich, vibrant colours of garnets.

(Garnet Jewellery at ExpressionsDesBijoux)

February - Amethyst

No woman can resist being moved by the rich purple and violet hues of Amethyst. Within the deep colours swirl powerful energies that will heighten her emotions and feelings of love and devotion. Amethyst also says that your feelings for her run deep and are charged with passion.

(Amethyst Jewellery at ExpressionsDesBijoux)

March - Aquamarine

The gift of aquamarine jewellery is the gift of eternal love with all the depth and passion of the ocean captured within its alluring shades of blue. Beautiful to look at and sensual to wear, aquamarine can be worn with all styles of outfit and will be a gift she will treasure always.

(Aquamarine Jewellery at ExpressionsDesBijoux)

April - Diamond

Nothing will make her feel more loved than the gift of diamond jewellery. This most precious of gemstones symbolises everlasting love and a gift of diamond jewellery will tell her more about your love for her than words ever can. Diamonds also symbolise purity and give feelings of immense joy to the woman who wears them. Their natural brilliance also makes diamonds the perfect accessory to compliment to any look or outfit, whatever the occasion.

(Diamond Jewellery at ExpressionsDesBijoux)

May – Emerald

Nothing in the world of nature matches the deep natural green of an emerald, especially when set in yellow gold or silver. Emeralds are amongst the rarest and most valuable of gemstones and they were so treasured by Queen Cleopatra that she had her own emerald mine. Since ancient times emeralds have awoken deep feelings and emotions and heighten natural beauty.

(Emerald Jewellery at ExpressionsDesBijoux)

June - Pearl

Pearls are the most highly individual of gifts because every pearl is inspired by a work of nature at her most artistic. Worn at her throat, pearls add lustre to a woman’s skin tone and a special glow. There is nothing like a string of pearls to make a woman feel more sensual and feminine.

(Pearl Jewellery at ExpressionsDesBijoux)

July - Ruby

The deep red of ruby creates the most dramatic of gemstones, and rubies are more highly prized even than diamonds. Known as the Queen of all Gemstones a gift of ruby jewellery, whether set in gold or silver, will awaken deep passions.

(Ruby Jewellery at ExpressionsDesBijoux)

August – Peridot

Peridot is a stone of lightness and beauty, and such is peridot’s purity of colour that the ancients considered the stone to be a gift from Mother Nature herself. Peridot’s bewitching shades of olive green never overpower and will quietly compliment a woman’s subtle sense of elegance and style.

(Peridot Jewellery at ExpressionsDesBijoux)

September – Sapphire

A gift of sapphires conveys undying love because a sapphire is the “stone of destiny.” Sapphires are represented by all the colours of the rainbow so there is a sapphire for every woman’s mood and her every emotion. But the most highly prized sapphires are of a deep royal blue, reflecting true depth of feeling. A gift of sapphires is a statement of undying love.

(Sapphire Jewellery at ExpressionsDesBijoux)

October – Opal

No woman can resist the special allure and romance of opals. Known as “the rainbow stone”, opals are highly prized for their beautiful displays of rich spectral colours. Wearing opals make eyes shine in ways you’ve never seen before.

(Opal Jewellery at ExpressionsDesBijoux)

November – Citrine

Citrine is named after its beautiful colour which can range from a zesty lemon yellow to a warm brown like the amber of a lion’s eye. No woman can resist the warm tones of citrine especially when set in beautiful designs of gold and silver, nor citrine’s smooth texture and flowing energies.

(Citrine Jewellery at ExpressionsDesBijoux)

December - Turquoise & Topaz

Topaz displays an exotic range of colours that are said to match the many moods a woman feels and the different aspects of her personality. Topaz talks to the emotions like no other precious or semi-precious stone, creating a sense of calm and serenity.

(Turquoise & Topaz Jewellery at ExpressionsDesBijoux)