Carnevale Scarlet Braid Necklace

A truly individual necklace of Murano glass that hails from the world famous island in the Venice lagoon. The striking design is centred around a beautiful Murano glass globe with aged gold inlays with matching collars. On each side of the globe are three Murano glass rings of different design. The necklace is made of individual glass bead strands twisted to form a cord of shimmering colour which is then bound by two hand-wrought gold vermeil clasps, which are hand wrought and support a line of gold links and hammered silver balls. The clasps undo allowing you to slide out and rearrange all of the elements opening up a world of personal design allowing you to express your own personality and mood for whatever the occasion.


$400 / 312€ (indication of exchange rate)

Sterling Silver & Murano & Necklace

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