There are many uniquely talented jewellery designers in the world, but it is only a sought after few who have been chosen to be part of ExpressionsDesBijoux. If the names of our designers are well known, then it is only amongst their small coteries of dedicated followers who have been drawn to their work over many years.

Our designers are artists. They do not create designs for mass production but work from their own studios crafting unique, limited edition pieces.

Scattered across Europe, and beyond, they draw their inspiration from their local culture, heritage and artistic traditions.

They work with the finest materials and gemstones but it is their artistic vision that sets their jewellery apart. What you are about to experience is a journey of discovery into a highly individual world of fine jewellery.

ExpressionsDesBijoux is the creation of our founder and curator, Rosita Heshmati, who has spent many years exploring designers in tucked away regions.

In the Veneto she was captivated by the brilliance of local artesian whose playful manipulations reflect the Venetian tradition of fashioning the world’s most mesmerising coloured glass. In the chic ateliers that overlook the Cote D’Azur she was enthralled by designers who drew on the old and new to create timeless pieces; not to forget the elusive studios on the shores of the Mediterranean and into the crowded back streets of Istanbul.

In 2009, during an extensive tour of the Mediterranean, she discovered and came to admire the work of a select number of jewellery designers working from their own studios. What chimed with Rosita was how they designed and created individual pieces that reflect contemporary art with a mysterious feminine touch. 

Over many years she has journeyed throughout Europe in pursuit of pieces that comprise eight Collections she has curated for ExpressionsDesBijoux, and is proud to bring them to the attention of jewellery aficionados.

Today, this select group of designers forms the heart and soul of the ExpressionsDesBijoux collections.

Welcome to the world of ExpressionsDesBijoux.

The Curator

"... All your jewellery needs from one unique brand, bringing hidden treasures from Europe and the Mediterranean together for the first time ever…"

Frustrated by the uniformity and poor quality of much high-street jewellery, businesswoman Rosita Heshmati preferred to buy her jewellery directly from small designers and boutique stores, during frequent trips to southern Europe, and to the Mediterranean in particular.

Here she found both the quality (gold, silver, pearls) but also the expressive, unique designs she craved, both for everyday wear and special occasions. “I ended up with a whole jewellery box full of these wonderful creations” she explained, “and found that I was often the envy of my friends, who began to ask me to choose items for them whenever business or pleasure took me back to this beautiful part of the world, where nothing made me happier than scouring the small streets of Venice, Florence or Istanbul for undiscovered creative gems.”

Realising that many other women wanted the same things she did – high-quality jewellery that would set them apart with its originality, femininity and the finesse that came from centuries of traditional jewellery-making, combined with a Mediterranean lyrical expressionism – Rosita set up her business, ‘Expressions des Bijoux’, which offers eight different stunning jewellery collections, reflecting a variety of tastes and styles, from refined simplicity to luxurious drama.

“Men were also very much in mind when we set up the business”, Rosita commented. “There is little more intimate or seductive for a woman than receiving a piece of jewellery as a gift, but men are often unsure about what to choose or how to go about it. For this reason, we have arranged the collections around look and feel, so that men can easily pinpoint the style of their lady love. We also have a section of our new website which guides men through the gift-buying process - and of course, we are only too happy to help directly with suggestions too.”

 "... Men were also very much in mind when we set up the business..."

Rosita’s love of beauty and belief in the power of adornment began at an early age, when, during a childhood in her native Persia, she watched her mother create bespoke wedding gowns for brides-to-be. “I would sit quietly, for hour after hour, noting how a small cut or shape change could transform a dress and its wearer; how certain materials fell and draped; how hand-sewn pearls or beads added lustre and watching, mesmerised, as women were transformed before my eyes for their big day.”

After moving to the UK, Rosita continued her love of design into her own career as both an interior designer and property developer, enjoying both the beauty of aesthetic arrangement alongside the drive and excitement of business and it is these skills she has brought together for her new enterprise, where jewellery across a whole range of tastes and prices (from £250 - £5000) features beautiful stones such as citrines, aquamarines, tourmalines and turquoise, alongside precious metals and the occasional diamond. “I believe that women can fill a whole jewellery box in one go with us and still know they will be the only ones in the board room, at the party or wedding, to be wearing these wonderful pieces.