“Move over; minimalism. this season’s hottest pieces are extravagantly embellished…”

Glass beads have been used for jewellery since 3000 years BC, if not earlier.  Archaeologists have discovered quantities of glass beads in the Caucasus that date from the Mesopotamian era. Like the pearl, the glass bead has been a constant element of our jewellery ever since and will never go out of fashion or cease being used in jewellery design.Philippe Ferrandis our Parisian jewellery designer  who works from a studio in the Viaduc Des Arts has inspired by the past, but in a completely contemporary way – reflects a knowledge of fashion and high style across the ages.

In Tudor Swarovski Necklace by Philippe Ferrandis, glass beads are mixed with Swarovski crystals in a wonderful clash of old and new. The matching Tudor Swarovski Cuff  also has more than a hint of the past in its bold design, echoing the amulets of ancient Egypt!

Riviera Designer Tudor Swarovski Cuff

Riviera Designer Tudor Swarovski Necklace

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