Oceania Starfish Brooch Pendant

The unique starfish design of this brooch-pendant  is hand-crafted in sterling silver and also features a highly detailed sea shell decorated with 2 large white opals of Cab 6.5mm, 2 medium smoky quartz stones of  3mm, 2 Iolite stones of 1.75mm and a lolite stone of 2mm. The shell measures approximately 4.5cms and weighs 30.7gr. Designed and hand-crafted in Italy, this mesmerising piece of jewellery is both chic to be seen in and comfortable to wear, and works with the look of any wardrobe.  Its timeless design also makes it a perfect choice for a luxurious gift, one that will be treasured and handed down for generations.  


$538 / 396€ (indication of exchange rate)

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