Limited Edition Designer Jewellery in Tatler Magazine

Expressions Des Bijoux's Limited Edition Designer Jewellery Online has been featured in Tatler Magazine with exclusive offer for Tatler readers. The March issue profiled the Oceania Collection.

"Inspired by nature at her most serene, the Oceania Collection creates feelings of harmony that resonate with the rhythms of nature. Youthful in their appeal, and in the feelings they evoke, these beautiful pieces display an exuberance of pearls, precious stones and colourful inlays set in sterling silver and gold vermeil.

Many of the eye-catching designs you will see here owe a debt to abstract artistic thinking, together with a hint of the surreal. Wearing the jewellery of the Oceania Collection you’ll feel a flow of energy akin to the ebb and flow of the sea.snakeskin textures, giving them a distinctly tactile quality. The designs are unashamedly bold and weighty, but without feeling heavy. Wearing these pieces expresses a quiet sense of reassurance."