Del Lago Pink Gold Pearl Necklace

Designer necklace in rose gold vermeil, designed and crafted with cluster drops of fresh water pearls in pink set on a delicate 18ct rose gold vermeil disks and ring chain, creating this wonderfully feminine long necklace. 

A final touch is given by a drop cascade rose gold rings and disks of pink pearls. This design creates a soft and flattering palette of combined tones of rose gold and pink pearl gives a fresh and modern feel. 

Drops Apx 50cm, and can be used as a long necklace or double up for a short style. Necklace designed by Italian designer Luisa Della Salda.


$566 / 407€ (indication of exchange rate)

Designer Gemstone Jewelry, Exclusive Pink Gold Pearl Necklace by Luisa Della Salda

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